Download the latest version (Midtown Modification): here

Downloads for all versions of the Manhattan Modification are currently unavailable as we work on the 2016 updates which will be compatible with all systems to play the game smoothly. Thanks for your patience. In the mean time, you can play The Brooklyn Mod V1.5.0 by clicking below.

All Releases

v1.0.0 (All of Manhattan, Duane St, DragonFighters, Pride of Midtown)

Released 2011

v2.0.1 w/ patch 2.0.5 (Upper East Side, Yorkville, Barrio, Engine 44)

Released 2012

v3.0.0 (Times Square, Engine 65, Pride of Midtown, Hells Kitchen, Rescue 1)

Released 2013

The Midtown Modification (V3.0.0 Update *Adds all latest features)

Unsupported by FlipSwitch Games


The Upper East Side Modification (V2.0.1 Update *Adds all the latest features)

Coming Soon 2016

To Be Announced…

Coming Soon