FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When is EmergeNYC being released?

A. There is no estimated release date other than we hope to have atleast our early access ready by the end of this year.

Q. When is a new update coming out?

A. We constantly do one or two updates a week, with our biggest weekly update landing on Sundays of every week.

Tune in our social media pages or Steam Greenlight page for these updates.

Q. Where can I purchase early access?

A. You can purchase early access HERE.
Steam early access will come later this year.

Trouble Shooting Questions

Q. I just purchased early access and I got an error after completing the purchase.

A. Right now this is a normal occurrence. The whole preorder process will be redone to function more smoothly, however your payment did go through and you can successfully register your email.

Q. How do I register my account?

A. After preordering the game, you can now register an account to unlock your preorder bonuses. To register you can start the demo and on the login screen is a register button.

If you do not see the register button check the next question*

Q. I do not see a register button.

A. Due to a resolution issue we didnt see before putting out the demo update, the register button is hidden.

You can register on a remote web browser page by clicking HERE.

Q. I did not receive a validation email.

A. After registering your account, our system automatically sends out a validation email to make sure no one is using your email to register. If you can not find this email in your inbox, be sure to check in your junk folder.

Q. I registered before but now I cannot login.

A. If you registered in the past but cannot login, simply reregister using the same email and information you used last time. This was due to an issue where our database had to reset and we lost all account login infos. All preorders remained intact so you will be able to recover them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you just registered and cannot login, please make sure all your credentials are put in properly.

Q. My game is frozen on loading and wont load.

A. Depending on your computer, it can take the game a long time to load. Wait up to 3 or 4 minutes and if it has not loaded yet, please consider upgrading your PC before you purchase or play the game. If you receive the error “Not Responding” do not touch anything and wait a minute or two for the game to load.

Q. What are the minimum specs for EmergeNYC?

A. Currently we have not sufficiently tested the game on different systems, so we can not give an accurate estimate.

Manhattan and Brooklyn Mod Questions

Q. Where can I download the Manhattan Modification? (Any version)

A. Currently there are no more public downloads available for older versions of the Manhattan Mod. You can download the latest version of the Brooklyn Modification HERE

Q. How do I install an Emergency 4/911 First Responders Modification

A. When downloading one of our mods it will mostly always be in .Rar format. You need to use WinRar to extract the files inside of it into a folder. From there, place the extracted folder in the Mods folder, inside of your EM4/911FR Directory. Open the game and double click the Mod for it to load under the Modifications tab.

Q. My game crashes when I load freeplay.

A. Anything before Brooklyn Modification was incompatible with Intel Graphics Cards. If you are running on an Intel Graphics card that is why. Our future modifications are much more optimized and do not have this issue.

Q. I can’t log into the game, why?

A. Please use your forum/website username and password when logging into the game. If you still have issues, please contact support.

Do you still have an unanswered question?

Or email us directly at: support@flipswitchgames.net