FlipSwitch Games is an Indie Game Development company aimed at producing games that are in high demand but unfullfilled by larger game corporations. Our goal is to listen to the player’s ideas and aim for a high quality product. In 2010 FlipSwitch Games owner Rafael Fernandez began modding several different video games with other developers, after years of modding and building vital skills, Rafael decided to form FlipSwitch Games and begin working on Stand Alone projects. Today, FlipSwitch Games is still very early on in its career and is producing its debut release; EmergeNYC.


The NYCERU modding team was a group of Emergency 4 freelance modders who developed the Manhattan Modifications as well as the Brooklyn Borough of Fire Modification.

The team consisted of:

  • Rafael Fernandez
  • Ashley Dyson
  • Marius Waskaas
  • Joe Lilli

NYCERU is now simply a multiplayer gaming group and no longer is involved in Emergency 4 modding. FlipSwitch Games has taken over the development of any further Emergency 4 modifications.


The EmergeNYC team currently consists of 3 core members. Although much of the development can be completed by the core team, we must hire contractors and freelancers to complete more complicated portions of the game as well as pick up some of the tasks. The core development team consists of:

  • Rafael Fernandez
  • In Partnership with Hash Bang Games

With Help From

  • Matthew Evans
  • Anthony Marmont


If you would like to join our team, please send an email to rafaelmfernandez@flipswitchgames.net